Women In The Great Gatsby Essay

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Women in The Great Gatsby Throughout the 1920’s, the role women played in society was changing. Fitzgerald shows this in The Great Gatsby by the characters: Daisy, and Jordan. The morals and iimages of the woman changed. During this time period females began to go against the “norms” of society. Things like this upset people, mostly the men in particular. The men were upset because this showed that they were losing the dominance they had over the female society. In the story, the narrator, Nick Carraway meets Daisy and Jordan, two women who are greatly impacted by the effects of society. Fitzgerald uses the role of women to demonstrate the impact of society on women during this time. The main female character in the novel would be Daisy Buchanan.…show more content…
Jordan is two years younger than Daisy. Jordan is a cheater who is willing to do anything to achieve whatever it is that she wants. For example, she cheated during the golf tournament to win and she constantly lies to Nick Carraway. Coming from a rich family, she has attained everything she wanted. Thus, in her later life, she consistently cheats and lies to attain whatever she wants. Although Jordan is from a high social class, she is gullible like other characters in the novel. A rumor is usually a story that contains doubtful truth. However, Jordan treats these rumors as if they are true and gossips about them. Jordan shows no change. In the beginning of the novel, she comes off as a very complacent aristocratic woman. In the middle of the novels, during parties, Jordan would gossip about others, like any other conceited woman would. She continuously keeps her cheating in the golf tournament a secret, which shows how dishonest she is. This also shows how far she'd go for the wealth and reputation she wants. Even towards the end of the novel, Jordan remains a shallow person who is worried about her image and reputation. Throughout the entirety of the novel, Fitzgerald portrays many similarities and differences between both Daisy and Jordan. They both value materialism before anything else in their lives. They are both shallow and self-centered when it comes to their relationships. Daisy cheats on her husband
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