Women In The Military Draft Analysis

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Women are more powerful than they are perceived to be. During World War I and more prominently known during World War II, women took the jobs that men left behind when they were called for the draft therefore taking on the role as men. Although women have been allowed into the military since the times of World War I, they were not allowed into combat units, until 2013. As women have earned the opportunity to be in combat units, the next step would be allowing them to be included in the military draft. Women should be included in the military draft because it would allow them to be more equal to men, they would be able to see themselves as strong and capable, and it would change the way men view women. Women have been pushing to become equal…show more content…
By including women in the military draft it would permit women to view themselves as strong and capable. In an article written by Kelly Antoine, she states that by including women in the draft, “As a nation, we are telling women and girls that we expect the same selflessness, determination, heroism, and grit from them as we do from men and boys,” this expresses that authorizing women to be part of the military draft they will be able to see themselves for who they really are. This opportunity would also cause them to be more confident in themselves because women would be included in something that the patriarchal society said used to be only for the…show more content…
Having women included in the military draft would allow them to be viewed differently in the eyes of men. Kelly Antoine in her article, “9 Reasons Why Women Should Have To Register For The Draft” she states, “These women are bringing louder, more confident female voices to the table, working to change policies and challenging the long-standing culture of the services,” Antoine may be stating this about women already in the armed forces, but this can still apply to women being included in the draft. Incorporating women in the draft would allow the opportunity for new ideas and progression to be apart of the military during the nation’s crisis. Some people are opposed to women being including in the draft because they will not be able to keep up with the men. In an article written by Jude Eden, throughout her entire piece she makes the argument that women would simply not be able to meet the same level of excellence as men because they are unable to meet the same physical requirements. She also attempts to prove that women are not capable of fighting and that only men should be required to do so because they have different physical requirements and capabilities. Although this may be true, the government will never know until they
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