Women In The Movie Enough

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The movie Enough by Michael Apted is about Slim, a waitress whom then married to a gentleman, Mitch Hiller that saved him from getting picked by a culprit. Soon, they were gifted with a daughter, Gracie. All three of them lived in harmony until one day, Slim found out that Mitch has a mistress named Darcelle. As she tried to seek explanation from Mitch, she was abused. Throughout the story, it portrays her struggle, a woman that wants to free herself from an abusive husband.
Slim, the main female character of this movie faced the common dilemma by woman around the globe, domestic violence. She was violated by Mitch, her own husband that once was so lovable. All she did was demand an explanation from Mitch regarding Darcelle. However, he refused
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Beforehand, she seek advice from her friends and seek financial support from her father, Jupiter, who did not know her existence. At first, Jupiter refused to help her but after threaten by Mitch’s people, he knows that Slim is in great danger and he is keen to help her. Jupiter provides her money that could sustain her life and buy a new house. She was safe for the first few months, but soon, Mitch’s henchmen found Slim’s hiding. Then she realised, she can no longer hide or run. By hook or by crook, she has to overcome this conflict by confronting Mitch. She was so determined in defeating Mitch as she could no longer stand living in dread. However, she must have a plan. Thus, she send Gracie away to Hawaii accompanied by Ginny and prepared herself by learning self-defense. After that, she sneaked into Mitch’s luxurious bungalow and fight him. She won the fight and Mitch died. The policemen came but she was freed because she claimed that she was defending herself in the fight. It could be seen that there were several ways on how Slim managed her dilemma. First, she seek support, but she was still violated. Then, she decides to run away. Yet, Mitch still chase her and make her lives in terror. Lastly, she confronted Mitch and kill him. By that, all her nightmares
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