Women In The Olden Days

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In the olden days, in the age of old dynasties, though women were definitely an important part of their society but were not thought to be equal to men in anyway. They were not provided with the rights and freedom. They spent their lives within their houses and remained under veneers. In such an age a woman would never be exposed or be given chance to show that she can be independent. One of the biggest examples is that of the wife of Mihir, one of the nine gems of Indian King Vikramaditya’s court. Mihir was a gifted soothsayer, but it is said that his wife Khona was bestowed with more talent than him. She is said to have cut her tongue off, in order to cease her prediction making. The woman had actually numbed one of her senses; she had crippled herself, so that her husband stood at a higher pedestal than herself. No doubt that history had also witnessed strong and brave women, like the Rani of Jhansi, but such women were very few. There was a Queen of Egypt, even though she was a woman, she dressed like a man and used male pronouns for herself, as it was not acceptable for a woman to rule Egypt. Later, she was murdered by her own son for the same reason.
Is it the condition getting better today? It is definitely better than olden days, but women are not liberated completely. A majority of women still end up as homemakers. The identity of the women is lost in the process. Of course, there are women, who have made a mark among the greats in the world, and who are independent

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