Women In The Ottoman Empire

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Despite the common understanding that women are not fit to lead, especially in Islamic countries, the Ottoman Empire, one of the greatest and strongest in the world made a great use of women as leaders. These women that marks the Ottoman history were all operating in the shadow of a male Sultan, however the public was well aware of their important role. The Sultanate of Women (Kadınlar Saltanatı) is the 130 years period where women ruled the Ottoman Empire by using their full political and diplomatic power. The Sultanate of Women go against the belief that many male rulers tried to spread; women are no fit to rule. This paper will tackle the issue of the sovereignty of woman in the Ottoman Empire. Women are believed to be less fit to rule over…show more content…
These women knew it really well but played other cards allowing them to possess a considerable amount of power and influence. They never ruled officially, using their names but the public was well aware of their role inside the Palace. Foreign envoys and high ranked politicians knew the amount of power that the Valide Sultans had in their hand and therefore, many of them tried to make contact with these women as a strategy. Foreign ambassadors would try to reach these women through many ways; enter into the harem, talking to the servitors…everything was good to try to reach these “out of reach”…show more content…
These women were typical diplomatic agents. For their own family, own interest, and own country as well. They would negotiate with the Sultan to obtain what they wanted; due to their proximity because of their status (Queeen mother or favorite) it made the decision easier for the Sultan. They were also representing their power and family name by always having social projects such as the building of mosque or schools. These projects would show how powerful these women were to the outside world as well as the inside. The status of wife, mother, concubines and even mother-in-law was influential enough to let them shape the political sphere giving them a huge negotiation power. Women who had no legal authority were incredibly skilled with using marginal way of promoting their family interest. No records will be use as how they put their son or husband in an important position but back then, everybody knew who was at the source of the change. These women had for main political goals to be the right hand of the ruler, as a Queen-mother or wife, their proximity with the Sultans gave

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