Women In The Puritan Society Today

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Women in the Puritan Society The Puritan life was extremely different than the world today. Men were superior to women in the Puritan society. Women were not only treated different in community matters, but in marriages too. Wives were expected to care for their children and their husbands (Deering). Puritan women were treated poorly and unequally compared to the Puritan men. Women were outcasts to men in the Puritan society. Puritan men viewed the women as instruments to Satan because they were much more susceptible to temptations (MacLean). This means men thought women were easily enticed, therefore they would sin. Puritan women were subjected to dress and look a certain way. Women’s clothes had to modestly cover their bodies. If…show more content…
Puritan husbands were superior to their wives in marriage. Women were to love, obey, and be at best interest for their husband (MacLean). Known as “female shaping,” this philosophy means a women should never show temper, not challenge her husband, be subordinate towards them, and allow them to handle all financial matters("Puritan"). In the Puritan society, affairs are a sin. If a wife caught and found guilty of adultery, it was possible she would face the death penalty. On the other hand, if the husband was caught, he would only suffer with a fine or whipping ("Puritan"). Needless to say in marriages, women never had a voice for any situation. To conclude, Puritan women were treated at a lower standard compared to Puritan men. Unlike women, men had the authority to do what ever they pleased with minor consequences for their actions. Women were responsible for food, clothing, caring for their family, and much more. They could not be involved with politics in any shape or form within the community. Women were forced to stay quiet unless they wanted to suffer the consequences. It was extremely unfair that women were subjected to men controlling everything they could and could not

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