Women In The Taliban

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In Afghanistan the Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement the strike fear upon the people in the community, although the Taliban may not have as much power as they did over the people of Afghanistan they still control and continue the kill and use violence as a way to gain control. During the rule Woman where forced to wear the burqa, which is a long loose garment covering the entire body. In “beyond the burqa” they woman still wear the burqa as a symbol of traditionally conservative afghan society which pre dates the Taliban. Removing the Taliban does not free afghan women from the burqa it can only be done by the mindset of the nation’s changes. Women in this part of the world as viewed as men’s possessions and are to be…show more content…
Africa just so happens to be filled with all kinds of minerals such as gold copper silver diamonds and all kinds of food they are transported all over the world. The African people dress in clothing’s called the chitanga this covers them from head to toe. Woman in Africa are uneducated only for the m they have low income this leading to no school or good jobs. Most people that grow up in a poverty home are likely to stay there. They lack food clean water and are filled with diseases that surround them. Most African men and man are not expected to live very long and infants are most likely to die due to lack of resources. Woman in Africa are rapped and are abducted all the time and sold for money to be men’s positions, most woman have arranged marriages they parents pick the highest bidder and he wins the girl they pay a price for the woman and this may also mean they pay for their wife and making them under the rule of the husband. Unlike the women in afghan they are free to make friends and work in the family business such as farms. Most African women also suffer from the violence of their husband, the woman must have a male child in order to curry on the name of the family and failed to give a male child leads to having more than one wife.
In conclusion the African and afghan women live very simmer life’s they bot suffer a lot and are forced to do things they aren’t happy with, the afghan women and African women fall under the rule of the man and wear traditional clothing to be hidden from other mean, Africa and afghan are so similar in so many ways and how they live both being third world, they suffer but they listen and follow the rules of thus husbands and rules of the
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