Women In The Workplace Essay

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Ewan Pearson - Discursive Essay

The debate about women being treated as equals in the workplace has been a continuous issue for a number of years now. Women are constantly proving themselves to be an asset to the world of work, but still have to campaign and fight for equality. Could men really cope without women within the workplace? Could Adam have coped without Eve? Women are continually showing themselves to be more than capable. This can be told from the exam results received by both men and women. When the results are compared they show that women are much higher achievers than men. Since the early 1980's, the standards of achievement for all have been rising, but because of the differential rates of improvements, girls are still performing
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The theory known as the ‘glass ceiling’ is defined as “artificial barriers” based on attitudinal or organisational bias that prevent qualified individuals from advancing to positions of higher power which offers; Higher pay checks, more power and more authority. It has been known that women experience significant levels of frustration at every stage due to the barriers of progression even though the promotional roles are within sight and ability. Flanders suggests the barrier of the glass ceiling exists and is exerted upon women is because of societies attitude and prejudice towards women. Also the preconceived idea that managerial positions in a workplace are all male…show more content…
It amazes me that this type of behaviour still occurs in the workplace. There is a reason why companies have had to implement policies regarding sexual harassment. And because in most cases everywhere is such a ‘male-dominant profession’, harassment is often either overlooked or not even perceived. This is the danger zone of gender bias. Not only can it cause serious issues with your staff, it can come back to haunt your company legally and in the court of public opinion. There are no circumstances where sexual harassment should be permitted.

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