Women In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Black female characters in Beloved novel are more over scared physically, emotionally by the cruel environment they are living in. they are racially violated and often emotionally humiliated for many years and this woman somehow learn to understand the situation they are in that time. We learn that more of the Beloved females turn to violence sometimes verbal and physical in a way to avoid victimization and in doing so they create the solution towards violence. This females somehow choose to be violated in order to escape in a form of resistance. Both two characters were oppressed during those times and patriarchal took a stand on all society, again woman were subjected by the race as it was only lacks who took a form of being the slaves.
Sethe and Denver are the slavery escapes in the novel of Beloved, both of them believed that their house was haunted by the ghost by the name of Beloved. Sethe worked as a slave at Home Sweet and was found by master, who tried to attempted to capture her and her children, but likely he escaped and ran away in the tool shed and attempted to kill them all. Sethe only succeeded in killing her older daughter by cutting her throat with the saw, after she explained to the white mans that she was trying to put them in the safe place, so this is the other way which Sethe tried to escape slavery, oppression and as the mother she did not want her children to have the experiences she faces that is why she tried to kill all the children. Another
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