Women In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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The women in Candide are comparable to those in Uncle Tom’s Cabin because of the amount of bravery and the resilience they had towards past experiences defining who they were. In Candide, the women experience many harsh difficulties, including sexual assault, rape, as well as being sex slaves. Cunégonde is the beautiful daughter of the German Baron, who Candide loves and wishes to marry. Candide is denied the chance to marry Cunégonde because of the class that he is associated and is banned from the baron’s home after he is caught kissing Cunégonde. After Candide was banished from the kingdom he started to travel all over the world. Eventually, Candide finds out that Cunégonde’s home was destroyed in the war and she was raped until she no…show more content…
The old women shared her story that she was the Pope’s daughter and has experienced rape by pirates, slavery, and cannibalism. The old woman says that she has experienced the desire to die, but has always found a reason to live. This shows the bravery and perseverance of the old women to not let her past experiences define the rest of her life. She looked to find the good in the world rather than harp on the harsh realities that she has faced in her lifetime. I believe that Cunégonde and the old woman are very similar in the sense that she did not give up on being reunited with Candide even when there seemed to be no “light at the end of the tunnel.”
Many women today are victims of sexual assault and rape, but like the old woman and Cunégonde, they do not let it define who they are women. Although many women are destroyed emotionally after they are sexually assaulted, there are some victims that speak about their stories to raise awareness about the issue of sexual assault. The women who are strong enough to share their stories, just like the old woman, show that there is hope and a life after being attacked. Rather than giving up, these brave women use their experiences to help others get through the tough times that lie ahead after being sexually
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