Pride And Prejudice: Women In The Victorian Era

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Once seeing the film "Pride and Prejudice", I saw a glimpse of how life was like for woman in the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era in England most likely lasted from 1837 to 1901. It was a time period of most important cultural conversion, courteous living and harsh poverty. During the Victorian Era women lived in different world. As shown in the film, the home-based of women in the general public was diverse from our time. Certain women’s lives were very different during that era but it is impossible to have women as one body. During that time, there were the extraordinary group of people or the elite class, the middle class, and the lower class. For the high and middle class, women carefully were raised, well-educated and treated like a special case of the family. However, the lower class women were treated like working tools with almost no respect and gratitude.
Life of a high or middle class in the Victorian Era, women can be described as a possession or a treasure of the family. Mainly women was treated for love interest and they were transparency. Respected women could not be cast-off for delightful sex and physical exertion. Foremost, livelihood for women during that time was to get wedded and take care of household tasks in the
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The women from high or elite class relished everything around them without partaking in anything. For their past time, upper class women desired dancing. In the film "Pride and Prejudice", Bingley's sisters spent a lot of their time in bashes. On a casual day, they stay at home wearing elegant dresses, read books, or even just stroll around the property. Women who were not wed spent most of their time with friends. They had no household tasks instead they told others what to do. Same with the middle class, high class or elite class only had to be wedded and raised children. However, they had no intention with other works in the house (Pride and Prejudice,
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