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In the years following the entrance of the U.S into World War II, over 19 million women entered the workplace. The entrance of women in the workplace caused large amounts of social conflict. Women were told their place was in home, and were criticized for their choice to start working. Women entered the workforce despite the heavy amounts of discrimination and changed the way women were seen. American women were willing to compromise their accepted housewife status and to face social conflict head on to serve their country during World War II.

At the beginning of World War II, a great majority of the working class men were drafted into the military, posing a great need for women in the workforce. The U.S entered WWII after the Japanese bombed
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Women were paid significantly less than men while working during WW2. More women were entering the workforce, and the pay gap was becoming more prominent. Women staged many strikes that eventually persuaded the government to pass the act. Women were laid-off from their jobs to maintain the job security of men, making women want to fight for the right to work in male jobs again. When the war ended women were were forced to leave their well-paying factory jobs. However, female employment levels never fell to prewar levels(United). Women were forced to leave their jobs at the end of the war, making the statement that women were not permanent workers true. Women put up little fight when laid-off, but many didn’t want to surrender their jobs. Polls taken between 1943-45 indicate that 61-85% of women to keep their jobs after the war(Camp). Women were taken from their jobs unwillingly, although many didn't put up a fight. Women didn’t give men the full satisfaction of them being out of the workplace, however, as women took all the jobs that they could. Women were treated close to equals during the war, but still faced problems that would lead to huge social changes in the

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