Women Inequality Research Paper

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How inequality face by women is related to the Social issues in UK?
Aishath sama (BBHRM)
University of West England

 Topic
 Why it has to be reviewed
Austerity and labor market
Social issues and inequality
Effect of Austerity to women

Introduction: The United Kingdom (UK) is a one of the developed country in the world and has the world’s fifth largest economy. It’s one of the wealthiest nation in the world were 53%of the population is women. Dose being the 5th largest economy makes its people wealthy or dose living in one of the wealthiest country make its citizens to have quality and discrimination free life? Surprisingly the picture is quite different. Almost
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One of the question is Why does the government response to the economic crisis have a particular impact on women? And the other is Can the Equality Act 2010 protect women? The focus of the topic was to clarify the impact of austerity to a particular gender. Implementing austerity was to cut on public spending were majority of women works under public sector rather than private and they were paid less and due to the austerity it became worse. But it was not mention in article the negative effects for the society due to this inequality. The inequalities women suffer impact the members and the society where she belongs children suffers poverty which leads to other social issues, an organization which has campaigned for women’s rights since 1866 and the women suffrage movement claims is turning back the clock for women in UK. (Socity, 2012)

Social issues and inequality
The evidence on how inequality is harmful comes from 23 of the most developed nations and from comparisons between the 50 states

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She also warned that women who combine top executive roles with a family rarely have more than one child - and struggle to spend much time with them. In a 12,000-word report to be published next month, Dr Hakim described new government policies to promote equality as “pointless” and based on “feminist myths”. She said the pay gap has fallen to just 10 per cent on the Government’s preferred measure and that it is a “waste of time” fretting about such a small difference. (Butterworth, 2010) Effect of Austerity to women
Below is some of the qualitative research done on related to the topic. Qualitative research is based on numerical findings it is useful and easy to interpret and more effective

Figure 2

This figure shows the increase employment rate for single mother since 1989. If its compare with the poverty and child welfare issues in UK, increasing employment rate of single mothers can be an answer. Single mothers are force to work to survive the hunger and basic needs of their family. As a result the love care and time of the mother is sacrifice which leads children to face social issues.


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