Women Microfinance Case Study

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Introduction "Women are never stronger then when they arm themselves with their weaknesses."
- Madame Marie Du Deffand This quotation primarily talks about the need to support and empower women, by providing what she know she doesn`t have or what she is lacking-off. The Philippine government thus provides woman the financial support they need to be able to challenge them to go beyond their comfort zones, through the presence of Non-government Organizations (NGO 's) and other microfinance institutions. Helping woman to be able to go out to their comfort zone which is inside the house and try new things that could bring success and improvements to their lives. This paper will attempt to observe changes on women
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Microfinance can be accessed to different financial institutions like Microfinance Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) that provides microcredit to micro entrepreneurs through lending. Credit Cooperatives also offers credit, this can be an open-type cooperative or a community-based cooperative. Cooperatives can grant loans only to those who are members of their cooperative in which a segment of their loan can be hold as a part of their savings. Some banks also offer microfinance operations usually these banks are rural and thrifts banks, the loans on this financial institution can be housing, agricultural, and microenterprise loans (“Achieving Financial Independence”, n.d.). In this study participant from CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institution also known as CARD MRI would be observed. This study will attempt to observe the contribution of microfinance as a tool to empower women by which women have an important role on economic development. This study will also observe and determine the roles of microfinance in women empowerment in a selected Barangay in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Statement of the Problem
The general problem of the study is: “How microfinancing contribute in women empowerment in a selected Barangay in Bocaue, Bulacan?”
Specifically, the study sought answers to the following questions:
1. What is the profile of women who borrow money from microfinance institutions in terms of:
1.1 age;
1.2 civil
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This study will give information to Management Economics students that will serve as a source of information about the roles of micro financing in the empowerment of women.
To women. This study will benefit women to know the relationship between access to credit in improving their decision making power, purchasing power, and their freedom to participate in different activities of their choice inside and outside their home.
To Microfinance Institutions. This study will benefit micro financing institutions through the recommendations of women on how to improve the further products and services they offered.
To the future researcher. The findings on this study may serve as a springboard for further research regarding on the topic microfinance and its role in women empowerment. The unexplored information will further strengthen the conviction on the need for this study.
To the Government. The findings on this study would help the government to formulate new and improved programs and policies that may help to empower

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