Essay On Objectification Of Women

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Now a day’s objectification of women in society is becoming a developing trend in entertainment media especially in music videos and in advertisements. Women are focused strongly as sex objects. They are used as to sell their products or to get high ratings to their music albums. To make a video album hit, women objectification is considered as the only way to do so. Women are portrayed as pleasurable products or objects in music videos. An emphasis is more on the model who is some specific music album and less on the singer’s voice and talent which needs to be reached to the targeted audience. Media is creating social stereotypes for both men and women resulting in unhealthy social and physical habits. It has linked women with objectification…show more content…
96 percent of female bodies are being objectified in media. Due to this, young boys grow up with the belief that there is no harm to perceive women as sexual objects and not as subject. Sexual exploitation and sexual objectification thus brings sexual violence in our culture where raping females has become a common crime. Portrayal of women in music videos in Pakistan causing hyper sexuality in young girls impacting their self-esteem. Girls try to imitate the models shown in music videos. They idealize that Barbie doll image of females. The start dieting to get figure like them and impress by the dance moves of women in videos. Music industry now feature more balanced images of women in pop music videos. Sexual objectification and sexual exploitation is common in music videos. By the use of revealing clothes to sexy dance moves and by displaying excessive skin, portrays sexualisation of women. They are considered as pleasurable objects to men’s
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