Women Of The 16th Century Essay

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During the sixteenth century there were many beliefs and practices against women. The people of the early modern Europe believed that women were inferior to men and that they had to live under the control of male patriarchs. These doctrines were diffuse among people because they were in the Bible. The society of that time infact was profoundly Christian and essentially maleoriented; the Bible was the Word of God, revealing his plan for mankind: God created Adam first, with Eve as his companion.
Women were born inferior to men and therefore destined to live under the male guidance and control. Women were assumed to be less intelligent than men and more stubborn, with less self-control, a greater tendecy to sin and a daunting variety
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These households represented the boundary of women’s lives.
The society of the sixteenth century can be described as patriarchal, ruled by a patriarchal paradigm
According to this patriarchal paradigm the world was divided into two. There was the public sphere, the world of work, politics, and learning, which was the domain of men, and there was the private sphere of the household and family, which was the domain of women.
A woman’s duty was to run her household efficiently, care for her family and provide it with heirs. These alone were the acceptable social roles for women.
In this period the patriachal pradigm functioned as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Its assumptions of women’s sinfulness and lack of intelligence and self-control were used to restrict their opportunities of education, carreers and power in the public sphere and then the consequences of these restrictions were evidence of female inferiority.
Through out my analysis of every aspects of women’s life we can see how would be this
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