Women On The Home Front: Movie Analysis

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With the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, many aspects started to change. Even though the majority of the British population lived far from the battlefields, and usually never heard a gun shot, the home front was still part of the war. Their lives were changed in all senses. People lost their jobs due to economical problems, as the companies wanted to diminish their cost and production as there were no demand due to the war. They were losing family members and the majority of the population did not have experience in this type of situation. The movies were reflection of the war, trying to persuade the population and create nationalism. Propaganda had the same purpose. It was everywhere, in the streets and newspapers. The war was everywhere. The concept of Total War was…show more content…
They also were not required to take care of the motherhood duties as they had nurse that took care of it. (Purvis, 46) At the beginning of the Great War, upper class women on the Home Front started organizing social projects and raising money to help the needed ones. As they did not have the need of working, they were trying to see a way of helping and serving the country, as they still could not consider the idea of participating in the war. (Adie, empl 416) “Undoubtedly the large part taken by women during the War in all branches of social service had proved a tremendous argument for their enfranchisement.” (Pankhurst , 607) ‘The was has proved that woman has not been given her opportunity in most parts of the Empire.’ (Adie, empl 418) This new activity made them have more decisions and empower the work they were participating on. Their leisure time was transformed into voluntary work. Woman’s free time was spent in bazaars, first-aid classes and meetings to make gifts for soldiers. For the first time, many women were involved in something that was not related to their homes and

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