All Monotheist Religions Essay

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All monotheist religions, without exception, are basically anti-women. They are against the freedom and rights of women; they oppress women’s liberty under the name of tradition, culture, customs and patriarchal systems. In Muslim countries the situation is worse than elsewhere, clearly because there is no separation between religion and state. The law is based on religion also known as the “Sharia” law, which is the source of legalizing the oppression against women. This type of law being more prominent in Islam countries doesn’t necessarily mean that it respects the laws of ethics. Under any circumstance, being religious or atheist, implementing sexist and misogynistic aspects of life into society is unethical and does not respect moral principles.…show more content…
"Your dress will not outer: hair ripples, gold jewelery, elegant restrooms; it shall all internal: a gentle soul and peaceful in his secret. That which is precious in God's eyes. ". The difference here between the religions is that the Christian religion focuses on individual worth of the woman, when in contradiction it also belittles her. Under a pretext that a women should focus her beauty on internal matters, she is not allowed to be dressed in a particular way whole. The female adultery is condemned (Rom 7: 3) but nothing is said about a similar behavior on the part of the husband. Same situation for widowhood where no requirements are leveled at the widower while the widow is for the worship of his God (1 Tim 5: 5-7). To emphasize pn the contradiction that women should focus on internal beauty when in the meantime she is not allowed to speak, hence never having an opportunity to show her inner beauty. "Let your women keep silence in the assemblies it there is not allowed to talk about it, she must comply as required by law. If they want an explanation of some particular, they should ask their husbands at home, because it is not proper for a woman to speak in a Assembly". Once again, the Bible demonstrates remarkable
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