Women's Oppression In Africa

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Recently, it’s frequently argued that women oppression is an old-fashioned phenomenon that has never been applied since the old ages recalling that the typical definition of oppression according to oxford dictionary is a prolonged, cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of an authority as a form of domination. The house that adapts this opinion claims that there are more women at work than ever before. On the other side, there is a house that believes that women are socially and economically discriminated and still expected to carry out the majority of the house work instead of the occupational work. Apparently, women oppression is a critical problem that ought to be considered for a solution especially in the developing countries in Africa…show more content…
Consequently, the world’s first civilizations arose in Africa and was influenced by the African tradition that supports matriarchal societies. (Chengu, 2015) Thus, Africa was originally the homeland of the matriarchy concept which then spread out through the whole world due to the emergence of the old world societies on the African lands. This claim is supported by numerous evidence. For example, African tradition gives the women the right to own agricultural lands, trade and cultivate. In addition, women were held positions at the highest ranks of the hierarchical society. Furthermore, there are numerous matriarchal societies in Africa such as the Luapula in Zambia, the Ashanti and the Akan in Ghana, the ILA in Zimbabwe, the Yoruba and the Bidjogo in West Africa and last but not least the Tuareg people, the kabylei and the Sudan. Moreover, In ancient African religions, women was valued as the supreme mother and was given high sacred rule, also African Creation stories focused on the Primordial Mother, creating woman first, then man. According to Heide Gottner Abendroth, That obviously implies that women are originally highly respected according to the African traditions. (As cited in Delvin, 2015) In other words, the house adapts that opinion claims that women oppression is an introduced…show more content…
It is more apparent that the most serious cause for women oppression is the African tradition. Although Africa is the home of diverse cultures, it is the land where women are subjected to oppression and discrimination either socially, economically or educationally. After all, women are not form Venus and men are not from mars. At that point equality between the two genders becomes inevitable no matter what country they came from or what culture they’re subjected to. Moreover, this equality must be ruled by some laws to guarantee that they will not be broken. Certainly, the time needed to solve this problem is very large but the thousand miles road begins with a

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