Sexism Of Women In Advertising

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Register to read the introduction…Advertisements cover a considerable part of the media. Advertisements are used to manipulate and get the audiences attention with different techniques and methods. The most common method used in ads, both print and video, is association, which is used to make the audience associate their problem with the problem displayed on the ad. The product being sold is used as a solution for common problems. Ads also have subliminal or in some cases really open meanings. Women are portrayed in several different ways in ads. There are lots of sexist ads around and most of which are about women.

Sexism is defined as the attitudes based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles. In a society that men and women are competing for the same business position or looking at the big picture all genders having the same rights why are women used as sexual objects? In the “equal society both men and women live in”, the women are portrayed differently through media. Media plays a significant role in creating the social
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The red nail polish and naked breasts can be related to sex. In this ad the women is used as an object of attractiveness. The face of the lady not being visible, the only visible thing being her body parts, also suggest sex. I find this ad sexist because the use of women in this ad is only to attract the men customers. The female figure used in the ad I not a sexual object, she is a human being just as the customers of the firm. The erotic atmosphere created with this ad is supported by the details such a the color red which can be related to heat, love and excitement and the sweat which can be related to physical exertion, and in this case the first thing that comes to mind is sexual intercourse because the character is also naked. Although there is a tendency to sell products, there is exploitation of a women`s sexuality. This use of women in media increases the appeal to product, with regard to the interest of the women portrayed in the image or women in general. These types of sexual objectifications in the media affect women and their mentality on how to look in a social place. As examples, women start to be more concerned with their appearance. Even though they have a normal body measure, they start to feel inadequate or less beautiful in comparison to the overwhelming use of the extraordinarily attractive women. Men start to how unrealistic expectations about how women
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