Women: Professional Inequalities Between Men And Women

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Phoenicia University Professional inequalities between men and women Catherine Hassoun 201501030 ENGL 202 Dr. Baydoun Baydoun 31 December 2016 Abstract: In the research paper we’re going to write, we will discuss gender inequality between men and women in general. We will go across the long gap between salaries of both genders. Plus, how they are treated differently in many countries when it comes to workplace. Also we will talk over the status of this inequality in multiple countries. Furthermore, we will indicate factors that are prohibiting this issue from being solved. We will give evidence to prove why this inequality should cease to exist and we'll discuss different point of views. Not to mention that we will go across what could be done to fight this situation. Catherine Hassoun Dr. Baydoun Baydoun ENGL 202 31 December 2016 Professional inequalities between men and women.…show more content…
This progress deserves to be underlined, and even honored. Nevertheless, inequalities remain, and some have even amplified. And, there is still a considerable gap between the wages of men and women. Moreover, they don't have the same advantages in the labor market, especially since the woman has returned to it much later and is beginning to assert herself, with still much struggle. Women are always subjected to more discrimination and unemployment on a daily basis than men. And there is a large part of society that thinks it's right for things to go this way, which is not. Even though the path remains long to reach a true parity between the two sexes, we must keep seeking

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