The Role Of Women In Ancient Rome

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Living in such a beautiful city like Rome seems like a dream until realizing that behind closed doors women didn't have much say in there rights and their power was limited. Women we're always under control of their fathers in Rome. If it wasn't under the control of their father they would be under control by their slave owner. The roles of women have evolved since 753 BCE and changed for the better. Women in ancient Rome were controlled, abused, and for the most part powerless. Divorces in the roman society are as common as they are today. They used to happen frequently which is part of the reason why their father had control over them. If the divorce were to happen in a family it would be easier for him just to have full custody.…show more content…
Women will begin to gain more honors and liberty. The liberty all begins with the senate which this quote brings up. “ Perhaps the most remarkable example of Roman women's public involvement was reputed to have occurred during the reign of the emperor Elagabalus, who established a senate of women” (Salisbury). The senate would eventually meet and discuss what females would wear and other matters of women. Unfortunately the senate didn't last very long. That slow movement of liberty for women was now lost. After the emperor's death females will gain titles such as “empress” to honor women as goddesses. “ After the emperor's death, Augustus' widow, Livia, was awarded the title "augusta," showing that she shared the honor and rule of her husband. This stated quote shows the change of power in women involved imperial females “Other imperial family members gained the titles "empress" and "mother of the army and senate" or were even proclaimed goddesses” (Salisbury ). The titles such as “Empress” and “mother of the army and senate” were what us ladies have been waiting for all
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