Women Should Stay At Home Essay

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In the past women used to stay at home and take care of the children.At present women are more educated and have better training than in the past,therefore working outside the home is available for them.In fact the opportunity for women to be hired is greater than for men. Many feel that women are actually better employees than men because of their high sense of responsibility and their commitment.Currently people disagree about whether women should work outside the home. Many people think mothers should stay home with their children. However, the positive effects of working outside the home far outweigh the negative effects. When the mother works at the same time as the father works,this will increase the income of the whole family,which means they can buy more things they want and have a better lifestyle including better clothes,food and more holidays.Also they will be able to have more money to enroll their children in elite private schools and prestigious universities in the future. In addition, if the father loses his job the mother’s job can maintain the balance in the family 's financial situation.All this will lead to a…show more content…
This means that they will not be as free to do housework such as cooking, laundry, or cleaning. To make up for this all family members should participate and share in the housework.For example, the father should take care of the yard and the garage.Also the children can take care of their rooms and some of the housework.For that reason the children will become more responsible and understanding of what is involved in maintaining a house.In addition,they will be better able to handle life issues more maturely than other children whose mothers are not working.With a baby in the house,the older siblings can help to take care of the younger children, which will help them to better deal with young children in the
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