Women Sports Administrators

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Leading Women Sports Administrators - A Survey study

Throughout the course of history women have had to fight for a place in society. Women have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men over the past hundred years. A woman’s main role has always been to be a wife, and then to be a mother. Women have been conventional for years as being the less intellectual and weaker sex (Cohen & Huffman, 2007). The sports industry has never been an overly inviting environment for females. Up until the 1960’s, women’s entry and participation in the work force had been restricted. But especially women in sport field can improve the ability as leaders and decision makers. Women involvement
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The response was unanimous, 98% of the women interviewed responded yes, and they felt respected. This is a major accomplishment for women.
Experience in Sport Management
Two out of the ten women that were interviewed had a degree in Sport Management.
Three of the other women had degrees in coaching. Two women had a degree in Fitness training. The three women had degree in Physical education. The more women going to school for Sport Management could have a direct impact on the number of women working in the industry as time goes on.
Six out of ten women expressed the importance of having a Instructor during the interview. Out of the Six women who discussed Instructor, four women talked about their own specific Instructor, how much having a Instructor contributed to their success, and how grateful they were to have a Instructor. The other two women discussed how not having a Instructor impacted their career. These two women both expressed a desire to have a female Instructor in the sports field, however they, themselves were the pioneers so there was no one to go to.
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In attempt to uncover these inequalities, research were conducted and results proved to be more promising than expected. To conclude, it is suggested that future researchers continue to study the impacts of the Social Role Theory on women working in high positions within the Sport field. It is also recommended that future researchers gather a sample size from a wide variety of Sports. With continuous research this study may be able to help break down the obstacles and impediment of the past and give women the proper knowledge to continue to succeed at the high level of the Sport field. In summary, the results collected from this research support a promising future for women who have the desire to work in the Sport

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