Women: The Plight Of Women In Short Stories

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There is a phenomenon about women that makes the get regarded to be a weak gender. There exists a couple of reasons as to why the female gender always get overshadowed by their male counterparts and this informs the reasons as to why most of the society end up being patriarchal per se (Gilman). The two women depicted from the two short stories will substantiate this thesis and establish a scenario through which it will be possible to discuss some of the plight of women in most of the societies. This is a telling fact why men may not be informed of the repercussions that their superiority complex. Foremost, although women have their differences, William depicts Emily in the short stories- a Rose for Emily and the persona in the Yellow- wall-paper that they are related in some particular ways in the sense that they are living in a patriarchal society and for this reason, they are treated in unfair manner. Etymologically speaking, a patriarchal society is usually governed by men and all its modus operandi is to the selfish interests of the men. Women in the aforementioned short stories fall victims to their patriarchal societies on account that they lose the control of their lives and give men full jurisdiction (Hamil). As such, we are informed that Emily is smothered by the society and it is for this reason that she stays in her homestead in the vast part of the narration. The reader is not explicitly informed the name of the narrator in the story- a rose for-emily. Nebeker,

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