Women Veterans Research Paper

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Women veterans’ use of the VA system has seem to have doubled in the last few years which has showcased the needs and preferences of women veterans. More and more women are seeking assistance with the Veterans Administration (VA) system for preventative and long term care. The core purpose of the VA is to provide the United States veterans with sensible access to quality healthcare in a veteran based atmosphere. The Veterans Administration, however has been falling short when handling women and their needs uniquely. Women have barriers with access, privacy, reproductive care, eligibility of knowledge of benefits to the proper healthcare delivery that most men that occupy the VA system doesn’t have to encounter. The first barrier that is a concern is access and delayed or unmet needed care. Women veterans have issues with accessing the services that the VA can offer if they live in a rural area and have a long distance to travel before…show more content…
There is an increasing need for comprehensive care for women through the VA system that comes with the reproductive system and organs due to the increased number of women joining the military. Comprehensive care includes reproductive health, contraception, infertility evaluations and prenatal and obstetric care. In fact, “Women Veterans who experienced military sexual trauma (MST), defined as sexual assault or harassment while in the military, may face particular challenges in seeking reproductive healthcare and thus may be less likely to receive needed contraceptives.” (Goyal) However, the military is also required to handle all aspects of abortions including the monetary needs where the vets’ life is in danger but not if the pregnancy was due to rape. Following how reproductive health is handled next is trauma; more importantly sexual trauma. According to “VA internal documents and reports, almost one in four VA hospitals do not have a full-time gynecologist on
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