Women Violations In Iran

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The Violation of Women’s Rights in Iran Although inequality seems to be a concern of the past, it is still a major issue for women that currently live in Iran. Iran is currently recognized as a traditional country rather than a modern one. For decades women have struggled against inequality and continue to struggle with it today. With the many laws that are enforced, “every aspect of their existence - from how they must dress in public, to the subjects they can study at a university and the job they are allowed to do in the workplace - is closely regulated” (Blair). There are four main issues Iranian women continue to face in today’s society. The restrictions that continue to limit Iranian women today include their limited attire, education,…show more content…
For instance, “the unprivileged life of females starts from birth” (Shirnapour). In Iran when a female baby is born she is already limited because she is not a male. Even in early education there is considerable difference in what males and females are taught like “teaching the Koran (Islamic sacred book) to children, mostly for boys only” (Shirnapour). These books were written to emphasize to women the different roles between men and women. They were written to prepare them to be better mothers and housewives. When women in Iran do get the opportunity to attend school, what they can study is limited. An example of this is “Women can also be banned from learning certain subjects at universities, such as engineering and technology” (Shirnapour). Every image in the book showed a girl wearing the hijab, a requirement women must follow. Women in Iran should not be limited to what they can study at a university. They should have the freedom to pursue a career that they would…show more content…
For instance, “A lot of men don’t want this shameful law. They are standing with us saying “we don’t want to be the owners of women” (Grant). A movement has been created where men submit photos of themselves holding statements saying that they are advocating for women’s rights. The movement is called “It’s Men’s Turn”. These men in Iran are open minded about giving women their rights. “It’s Men’s Turn” believes that it shows a difference between the government and ordinary people. These men want to fight for women’s rights and no claim them as their own, they do not want to be known for owning a

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