Women Vs Harlem Renaissance

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The Women Vs. The Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance took place in Harlem, New York. It was a social, cultural, and artistic explosion. During this time period women took a stand. The Harlem Renaissance was a time period where women flourished, and got a chance to be noticed. The Harlem Renaissance impacted women’s rights in the 1920’s by allowing women to take a stand by allowing women to be able to vote, and live the lifestyle they dreamed of. In the 1920’s, women gained the right to vote, women no longer faced domesticity, political issues, social issues, or lacked control over their lives. Women became the faces of magazines, the voices on radios, embracing new fashion, freedom, and ideas. Women showcased their talents.
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Everything became alive, women began to live their best lives. Women were more spontaneous than ever. The rules of women varied, but in a good way. During the Harlem Renaissance women took a massive leap in the world. In the 1920’s you had women who were considered the “new women”, or the “ modern women”. “The “new women”, included flappers, embraced new fashion, embraced freedom, and challenged the old ways of the modern women.”(Mckay, Nellie). The “modern women”, believed that partying , smoking, and disobeying your husband was horrifying, and unacceptable. Women were impacted by the Harlem Renaissance, because they were produced with the idea of mass advertising. With mass advertising women were able to be the voices on radios, the faces on magazines, and the author of books. They were never supposed to prosper in these aspects, especially not African American women. In the course of the Harlem Renaissance women completely changed the game. All don’ts turned into do’s, everything that was frowned upon, became normal. Women made their presence known, for more than the typical reasons. “The number of working women increased by 25%.” (Tebbetts,Terrell). They had the opportunity to actually work in factories, clubs, and several other places. The Harlem Renaissance was a time for women to showcase their talents. The Harlem Renaissance was a time of restoration for everyone involved. Each party gained something from the renaissance, the women were the most important factors. The women were so important because they took a stand, and stood with it. The women were more independent than ever. Women were able to attend college, to gain more knowledge. Women gaining more education was the biggest fear, they feared that if women gained more education that they would take over and basically rule the world. The men enjoyed having power of women before the Renaissance, but they enjoyed women being “dumber” even more. If women
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