Equality In Marriage

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What is marriage? Marriage is a legal, formal, social union, and contract between two souls that unites their lives emotionally, economically, and legally with a vow of eternity. Over the years, marriage has changed massively for the better. For a start, women’s equality in marriage has changed dramatically. In the article “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady, written in 1972, the author describes the common conditions and expectations of a wife during that time. She persuades her audience by using a men’s point of view and their inherent selfishness. She expounds sarcastically by saying she likes someone to be her wife and do her wifely duties. She explains what a woman does as a mother and as a wife. Also, she points out how husbands are independent,…show more content…
In the 70s women or wives experienced quite the ride. The gender roles for men and women had been understood within the context of the marriage. The man has traditionally held the role of the breadwinner and decision maker, while the women lived the role of caregiver. These gender roles had been determined by society so that husband could control his wife and all she does. In the 70’s, husband has the power of all decision making in the house; from how many kids they should have to where they live or what they should invest their money in. Today because of changes in norms, there is no defined model for contemporary marriage, gender roles, or how these roles ought to be lived out. Therefore, a wife has the freedom to bring her whole self and not live by the old traditional gender role that was dictated by society. From all sorts of little decision-making tasks, such as dinner with friends, planned vacations, where couples live, or family finances these decisions now equally involve both husband and wife. In general women are not playing a submissive role anymore; they are contributing to their marriage equally with their…show more content…
Back in the 70’s women were financially dependent on their husband’s for almost everything because of unequal job opportunities. While there were still jobs for women, it was expected that they be a stay at home mom. Even more, women were overwhelmingly employed in certain occupations that have been traditionally oriented toward them, such as, domestic servants, salesclerks, factory workers, teachers, secretaries, and nurses. If they did get a better job, they would not get as much business as a man. Since no man would put his business affairs in the hands of a female lawyer or go to a lady doctor, despite the condition they were in. On the other hand, there is a huge change for women in terms of independence since the 70’s. Since then, women are moving into paid employment outside the home in ways that their mothers could only dream of. Now there are female news reporters, actors, doctors, lawyers, athletes, and CEOs which shows that women or wife are more independent than ever. All these new changes give wives the freedom to economically provide for their families. In addition, husbands today accept equalization of financial roles more than ever before, and in some cases, wives are the sole providers for their
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