Women's Equality In Southeast Asia

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A woman’s role in olden Southeast Asia till now has been imperative. This term paper investigates on women’s equality in two different regions in Southeast Asia. One which is heavily influenced by Indianization and is majorly Buddhist till today, Thailand and one which is heavily influenced by Islamization and is majorly Islam in present day, Indonesia. My thesis is that Women’s status is more equal in Thailand than in Indonesia. Methods of research includes reference to previous research papers written by experts and professionals pertaining the topic, reference to books about women in Southeast Asia and matriarchy in Southeast Asia and etcetera and definitely, online research. My paper will discuss the different elements of egalitarianism
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There are no legal barriers to women’s participation in politics and government, just like Thailand. In 2001, Megawati Sukarnoputri - the daughter of Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia, was elected as the first female president in history and the fourth woman to lead a predominantly Muslim nation.

In conclusion, in terms of politics, women in both Thailand and Indonesia, had an equal role to play in politics and there wasn’t a great difference between these two nations as in one hand Thailand had its first female Prime Minister and in another hand Indonesia had its first female President.

Social - Gender Roles, Statuses and Social
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Due to the various religious impact, the time period of these impact and the extent of the impact, the people of a region’s mindsets were altered accordingly. In terms of pre-colonial Thailand and Indonesia, the treatment of women was more or less the same. Nevertheless, as Thailand was the only Southeast Asian country to be never colonized by the British, it had a longer rule of the Hindu/Buddhist monarchy thus impacting the mindsets and traditions more. its kings were also more open to the concept of equality further improving women’s role in Thailand compared to Indonesia.

In terms of Politics, I would definitely have to say both countries were standing in the same line as Indonesia had its first female president and Thailand had its first female Prime minister and officially there were no restrictions against females to be in the cabinet and the cultural impacts in Politics are negligible.

In terms of Society, both countries have their ups and downs but Thailand displays more equality compared to Indonesia as women are accepted and viewed more equal in nature.

In terms of Cultural/Religious Influence, Buddhism/Hinduism in scriptures, has a more relaxed laws towards women and outrightly views women as equal and even goddesses in some places so compared to Indonesia, women’s role is more equal in

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