Women's Equality In The United States

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In any age, women are classified as minority group, and they had been fighting against the society to assert their rights and equality. Especially, American women were earlier than women in other country to stand up for their social equality. At first, women were not allowed to have the right of education in the United States in the binning of 18th century. Young women and girls could not go to school, and help housekeeping with their mother. They did not have right to study how to read and write. Women were classified as property of husband after they got married. Then, during the 18th century, the US government gradually made some facility for women’s education. The government started educating women to teach nationalism, and the women educated…show more content…
As the number of women in workforce became larger, many types of discrimination against women were problem, for instance, the gap of payment between a man employee and a woman employee, higher opportunity of employment for man, sexual harassment, and pregnancy discrimination. There are some different cases in pregnancy discrimination. In the AT&T v. Hulteen case, Hulteen and another women were experienced the discrimination about their pension; however, there are some cases that the pregnant women took maternity leave, and after they came back to the office, they got fired, or lost their position. Therefore, the United States government formed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. The act prohibited sex discrimination on the basis of maternity, and to improve working environments for women. In my opinion, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978 was a good changing for the American society. American society is known as pluralism and land of freedom. There were many freedom acts and or right acts based on races and cultures, but the equality act of pregnancy was the first to come up. The case, AT&T v. Hulteen was well reflecting the today’s strong women in the society. The woman works in the big company, she had knowledge about the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and she took a action to speak up the unfairness. It could not even…show more content…
If the company and the government protect minority group, women, in work place too specially, the majority group, men employees, would criticize that. Therefore, it is more difficult to treat fairly to both minority and majority groups on the scale of whole society. In my opinion, the ruling of Hulteen’s case was fire to not only Hulteen but also the company. AT&T lost a human resource for a while during Hulteen took a leave, and also pay higher pension were defiantly damage some portion of the company’s benefit. On the other hand, the court case became quite big news on the days. The company could do self-advertisement through this case. For the further development of the United States’ society, how the government treats the minority and majority group based on races, tribes, culture, sexual orientation, and gender equally in the United States Constitution. Everyone should have liberty in this nation. In conclusion, I could agree with the ruling of the AT&T v. Hulteen’s case, and the case brought a hope to the minority group to stand up for their equal right even the minority group could not win the case. I hope that the working environment improve and be kind to any minority groups, not just women but also handicapped persons, sexual minority and any racial minority in near

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