Women's Equality: The Struggle For Gender Equality

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The world has definitely made a few giant steps towards gender equality. Many might think that feminism is a concept of the past and we don 't need it anymore. After all, women can now vote, hold senior positions in politics and the wage gap is in most countries barely noticeable. And it is true, women do have more social, economic and political rights than ever before, but this is where the mind process about feminism usually comes to an end. Women are not oppressed anymore.
But what about gender inequality that women experience everyday? Or women living in developing countries who are still forced into child marriages or still can not get an eduaction wholly because they are a female. Let us not forget that feminism does not mean belittling men. Besides, they, too carry the weight of gender role assumptions which arise from expectations regarding specific qualities and behaviour. So even though we have come a long way, the struggle for equal rights between genders, on a global scale, is not even nearly over and we still need feminism.
In this manner, feminism is still needed because we still teach people how to prevent rape, instead of preaching about not viewing women as objects. Women are also usually the ones held responsible for the assault and often feel ashamed because of how society perceives them after rape. They are asked about their clothing and behaviour as if any of that would apologise the rapists actions. Such practice of victim blaming should not even be

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