Women's Fashion In The 1920s

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Looking at everything from the style of the clothing people wore to what influenced these styles to come about.
When people think of women in the 1920s, minds automatically turn to idea of rebellious flappers and a more scandalous portrayal of women. The Fashion Sourcebook 1920s does a great job of explaining the issue of what many people today think of when they think of the 20s. People hear anything about the 1920s and immediately think all women dressed like flappers. Author Charlotte Fiell, however, explains why this is wrong. She discusses the way we see fashion magazines, most of the clothing we see in these images is not what we are wearing on the streets but an image of the luxury we could have. In this case, many of the images we see from the 20s are just like this concept; a luxury the women of the 20s could have had
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Looking at this, we will see that women’s fashion was much different than what everyone imagines. Thinking of it in the way that the Fashion Sourcebook 1920s puts it, “A mature woman in the 1920s was as unlikely to dress in a short beaded dress, as a mature woman now would indulge in the latest hot-pants craze” (Fiell & Dirix 2012) our eyes are open to the possibilities of what women really did wear. Let’s take a look at women’s fashion in the 1920s and some of the factors that may have…show more content…
They had a much bolder and scandalous idea of what to wear that most of the people living in the 20s. Flappers wore shorter skirts and dresses, more makeup, and ……, and flaunted their bodies for people to see. Today, we would see flappers and very body confident women who enjoy a good party and getting into a little trouble. Now, we would not oppose these acts but continue on with life and possibly laugh it off but this was much different in the 20s. Older women saw girls acting in these ways and became outraged by this

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