Women's Freedom-Personal Narrative

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Name of Strategy - Connect
G – I can connect to Avie in one way, because she feels as if she has no freedom.
Y – Avie feels she has no freedom.
R – She is watched constantly.
She had a bodyguard, Roik, with her at all times, until she ran away. “The reason they cited was their instability to provide adequate security for women on campus. They stated that until they can ensure the safety of female students, they cannot house or provide instruction for them.” (Linka 13)
She had cameras in her school’s hallways and classrooms.
Her phone is even monitored, by what she searches, saves, and who she contacts. R – She is being made into a puppet, against her will.
When Avie’s father contracted Avie to Hawkins he made her his toy.
“I jerked the curtain closed,
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Y – Why does Sparrow, Persephone, burn herself? R – She wanted to create a protest for women’s rights.
Sparrow knew she was more than some man’s puppet and decided to fight for all the other women in the country’s rights.
She wanted to ignite a women’s rights protest.
Sparrow thought that if word got out it would motivate others.
Sparrow wanted other ladies to stand up for their rights.
R – She wanted to make sure women knew they had a voice.
She said in her video, “For the last eight years, I and my friends have been treated as children , but now we are women. We’re not your slaves or your property” (Linka 227).
Sparrow was trying to prove to the other women in America they should stand up for their lives.
She wanted women to be able to know they have a voice if they choose to use it.
She wanted to tell girls they can be more than a man’s property and puppet.
Y – Why does Maggie seem to be on some people’s bad side? R – She abandoned her son, Luke.
“I know she’s in trouble, but she’s never put family first. Not you. Not me. Not her son” (Linka 247)
Nellie, Maggie’s sister-in-law, was on edge because Maggie had abandoned her

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