Women's History Gerda Learner Analysis

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Questions: Who is (was) Gerda Lerner, and why should or shouldn 't you (your opinion) trust her arguments about Women 's History? Google her. Since the 1969s,Gerda Lerner was one of the most influential figures in the development of women’s and gender. Lerner was a scholar, with a doctorate in history, and an author legitimized the study of women and their lives.She dedicated decades to legitimizing Women’s History, and have it be apart of school’s curriculum. She was also accredited for the creation for the first graduate program in women’s history in the United States. Therefore, by stating a few of Gerda Lerner’s accomplishments i do think her arguments should be trusted. What is "compensatory" history of women, and what are its…show more content…
Compensatory History examines any given stage of history through the different classes of women, and their experiences.Unfortunately, this does not allow us to understand the “activities” majority of women partook in, or what the significance of these “activities” had on society as a whole.The reason there is a need for a different type of history is because we cannot fully understand the importance of women in history with limited information. For example, being able to understand how women evolve and alter in a “male-defined society” will give us significant insight of how they were cognitively and physically able to bring change, as well as the effects the changes continue to have on today 's…show more content…
Women’s Rights of History Women 's studies women 's-rights struggles. Furthermore, it studies Women 's Rights leaders, and the winning of suffrage. The limits that this places on the history of women is that Women 's right’s has been a major focus, and as Lerner states “ it cannot and should not be its central concern”. Focusing on one aspect of history will make light of the other events that contribute to the history of women that are just as important, which why another type of history is needed. What is "women 's sphere" history of women, and what are its limits or shortcomings? Why is there a need for a different type of women 's history? Provide an example. Woman 's sphere explores society 's educational ideals, values that women are influenced by, and gender role assimilation.As Carl Degler points out we confuse ‘prescriptive literature with actual behavior”. Contribution History places limitations of learning women’s contributions to history because monographs are not of what women really did,but what men in society thought women should do.Thus, it is evident with such limitations that another form of history is necessary to better understand women in history. What is "transitional history", and do you think it is a more complete/comprehensive way of doing
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