Women's Impact On Family Decision Making

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With the changing generations women are coming forward in each and every aspect of life and work place. The 21st century has seen surge of women becoming the bread winners of the family and hence they have an increased say in the family decision making.The current Indian scenario also shows that there has been a increase in the number of girls and women who are going for higher education.It has been seen that the more educated a women is ,the more influence she has on decision making in families.The purpose of the study is to examine the factors that working, non-working, married and unmarried women consider while taking family decisions. Various factors such as education, marriage, money, social networking, single person, decisions and shared view decisions have been taken for the study. There have been many studies that examine the factors influencing decisions taking by married woman in families. Keywords—Decision making; women; factors. I. INTRODUCTION India has always been known as a patriarchal society. The British colonial dominance even though had an adverse effect on the Indian economy one of the major contribution that they gave was women came forward dominantly in equivalence to their male counterparts. Since the age of independence, we have seen a surge of women effectively and efficiently taking part in various decision making. In earlier days women were not actively involved in family decision making, as men were considered the head of the family. Women

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