Women's Influence On Career Choice

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Students’ personality has an important influence on their career choice. An individual will be attracted to an occupation because of his or her personality and several other factors contained in the job profile. An individual will express his or her views towards a job based on the nature of work and status of the job. Among the factors that affected women’s involvement in non-traditional career is the lack of confidence among women to explore the technical field as compare to the traditional field. This argument is supported by Noor Rahamah (2005) who stated that inappropriate jobs for women from the view of all three generations in her study are soldier, police, lawyer/judge, night club worker and hard labour. The main reasons women are assumed not suitable to do these…show more content…
Research questions: 1) What do you think that Teachers are/ have been the greatest influence in your career choice? 2) Do Governmental policies affect in choice of career among women in the field of TVET? 3) Are there any other government factors responsible for low participation of female in technical education and vocational profession? 4) Does socio economic status of female students affect their career choice? 5) Do opportunities and privileges affect career choice of TVET? 6) Do Educational status of parents and family background affect career choice of students of TVET? 7) Why girls Discourages to pursue nontraditional careers like TVET ? 8) What are the psychological and sociological barriers that narrow down the chances of girls to enter into this type of technical and vocational training program and fields? CONCEPTUAL
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