Women's Lacrosse Research Paper

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Evolvement of Women’s Lacrosse
Throughout history it has always been a constant argument between the sexes. Whether or not man was stronger, faster, or more talented than women. Many agree on the fact that men 's sports are overall more entertaining because of the fast pace and aggression men possess that women lack. A sport that is impacted by this notion is women 's lacrosse. Overall men 's lacrosse has less fouls, less stoppage, and is a faster more aggressive sport than the women 's game. The lacrosse society has come to realize this and has began to change the rules of the game. Influenced greatly by Gary Gait, a four time all-american and has won many NLL championships. His presence in the women 's game has helped change the game 's
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His greatest accomplished player is a Syracuse grad, Kayla Treanor. Like Gary is a four time first team all-american and one of the most emphasized players in the game. Together the two have turned the women 's game around and either you love them or hate them for what they have done to women 's lacrosse. Started by the Native Americans, lacrosse was a simple sport with few rules and a simple motive, put the ball in the back of the net. The sticks that were used in the past are related more to the modern tennis racket than an actual lacrosse stick used today. There was no pocket for the ball to lay in and catching and throwing was all the skill they could have. Lacrosse and track are not just related because they are played during the spring. Often referred to as the “fastest sport on two feet” lacrosse was a game about who could get up and down the field the fastest. If you could run by your defender you already won the game. An old High School coach of mine, now retired, never stop mentioning how fast you needed to be to become a…show more content…
In order to accommodate the uprising generation of women 's lacrosse rule changes have been made in the semi pro, collegiate, and high school level. All rules have made the game faster and more interesting for a crowd who do not know women 's lacrosse. The rules added are ones similar to the guys game, such as: a shot clock which is a full 90 seconds, self starts after a foul, so the players do not have to wait for the refs whistle, sudden victory in overtime, and the ability to kick the ball. The 90 second shot clock is one of the biggest changes in the women 's game. If a team us up by one or two goals and there is 5 minutes left of the second half the team used to be able to just hold onto the ball. Who really wants to watch a team hold the ball for 5 minutes? With the 90 second shot clock the ball must be shot on net within that time or it is the other team 's possession. This gets rid of stalling and slow uneventful possessions speeding up the game for the players and fans. Another huge change to the women 's game is that the foul known as 3 seconds is no longer a major foul. Last year when a player was standing in the 8 meters, the diamond branching out of the crease, the refs would call the player for 3 seconds. The player holding the ball would be placed on the 8 meter line in order to shoot from a hash, similar to a foul shot in basketball. Now, because of the little harm bring inside the 8 meter does the player who committed the foul simply goes behind
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