Women's Nineteenth Vs. Twenty-First Century

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Nineteenth vs. Twenty-First Century Women How were women treated in the 19th Century? How are women treated now? There are many ways to tell the difference in how women were treated yesterday in comparison to today. In the 1800’s the women were treated differently than they are today. Treating poor women (like Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter) inferior or taking advantage of them is how men got what they favor for in those times. Another issue that is hurting women in this century is gender equality while men have been the more dominant gender women become less dominant, and it creates an inequality that is still a problem today. In the Scarlet Letter, the character Hester Prynne was arrested, she could not help but walk out of the prison with shame while people were reacting and heaping insult on her. Their reaction is to the crime she committed, adultery. Her secrecy was revealed to the whole Puritan village that her crime was evil and that having a child would make her two times guiltier and made her child the essence of her sin. This is why Hester wore a…show more content…
Most opinions of Americans in the 1960s proclaim that they “did not yet believe that gender equality was possible or desirable.” (Coontz 1). Yet every woman today wants to believe that working together, by standing together with, a balanced diversity can help our country set an example to the world of how effective gender equality can be, such as in family issues. It’s easy for women to say that family decisions “should be made by the man of the house” (Coontz 1) but sometimes that’s not always the case. Mostly women are making family decisions in the house; men are accomplishing at work and are the breadwinners of the household. Besides from staying at home, women want to be able to work alongside men, get paid the same as men, and have the same rights as men. These examples show how gender equality can be
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