Women's Obsession With Body Image

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Some women are just too obsessed with their appearance. Do you want to live in a society where some women are unable to be truthful with their appearances? Do you want to live in a society where women have figures of sticks? Do you want to live in a society where the most essential piece of equipment a woman carries with her is either make up or a mirror? Nowadays some women are so obsessed with the idea of looking perfect that they go to extreme lengths to become what they consider is pretty. If they are unable to have the ideal face, then it’s having the thinnest model body or getting that overly expensive breast job done. Has god not provided sufficiently for them that they have what the underprivileged, disabled and unfortunate don’t have?
In 2009, 91% of women had all cosmetic procedures, leaving 9% of cosmetic procedures being done on men. This
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The obsession to lose weight is sometimes due to women being continuously pressured by some influential factors. These factors include models, physical attractiveness or even being peer pressured by a member of their family. However the most powerful factor is models in magazines that happen to have what people call perfect bodies. Models are responsible for human beings craving the ‘perfect’ body. The media is responsible for young girls becoming self conscious after buying thin Barbie dolls, thinking being skinny, fake and blonde is the correct way to go. They are also to blame as they are selling beauty products in magazines making these young girls think they need it for the better. However they have not realised that if Barbie was a real women she would be brutally skin-and-bone that she would not have enough energy to walk up a flight of stairs rather she may have to drag herself up the stairs or go up on both hands and legs. Is this what women really want? To be left weak and in a horrible state just so they think they look good when really they
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