Women's Participation Dbq Analysis

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Despites the two varying views on participation, women themselves shared mixed views on what was the best role for them. Marie Meurdrac, who was a French scientist believed that the venture into science was a good thing and discovered that women have potential to be at equal intellectual capacity of men. She states “ I flattered myself… and that if the minds of a women were cultivated like those of men, they would be equal to the minds of the latter” (Doc 2), showing that some women began to believe in the capability of their own intellectual abilities. German entomologist, Maria Sibbylla Merian demonstrates that women should be included in the science world. In her book she describes her push to learn what she is curious about, rather than…show more content…
Here it is shown that she would much rather participate in the sciences, than fit into the social norm, proving that it is better for a women to participate, even if it means social sacrifice. In document 9, it is stated “ Many of my own sex will think I placed myself above them” by Dorothea Erxleben. She represents the idea that not only are women highly capable of performing complex actives similar to men, but also that it is a belief that soon many other females will share. Being a granted a German M.D., Erxleben is someone who is aggressive and flows against the tide of prevailing opinion, to expand the limits set for her. She questions the gender inequality due to her belief that women are qualified and deserve more. This work is intended to influence the women in society and inspire them to expand themselves as she did, and the men who hold traditionalist views that depict women at a lower standard (POV). In document 11, Chatelet demonstrates the effort that women are capable of devoting in the name of reason, she states “ Do not reproach me for my work on translating Newton’s Principia. Never have I made a greater sacrifice to Reason.”(Doc 11). She shows that if the time and devotion is placed into to doing something, then outstanding work can be
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