Women's Rights: A Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clinton

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“If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all” (Hillary Clinton). On September 5, 1995, 180 countries came together in Beijing, China, to hear Hillary Clinton's speech about women's rights. She talked about problems that every country faced concerning the liberties of women and why it is important that women should have the same freedoms as men. The speech was held at the Untied Nations 4th World Conference of Women. Hillary Clinton has become famous because of the statement: “Women’s rights are human rights,” that is her main point or argument in her speech. Hillary Clinton Hilary Clinton is known as one of the greatest…show more content…
She makes the connection between “human rights” and “women’s rights” to come up with her slogan “human rights are women’s rights.” This connection is important because she wants the world to see that just because there are women and men in the world, we are all humans. All of our rights should be equal because we are all human. Hillary uses the line “it is a violation of human rights…” many times in her speech to get into the audiences consciousness. She keeps saying it is a violation because it makes people remember what she is saying because it gets brought up many times. She starts all eight of the statements with: “It is a violation of human rights when…” These statements are very graphic and visual and she does a great job of painting a picture for the audience. The statements are talking about the abuses women have dealt with for a long time. She talks about how many different types of abuses have continued for way to long and the “history of women has been a history of silence.” Even today there are many people out there that are trying to silence women’s words. All these examples that she uses brings up her use of relevance. She lists how different scenarios were affecting the human rights of thousands of women all over the planet. She strikes a feeling of sympathy in her audience and has examples that could be relatable to all different types of backgrounds. She also repeats the line “will flourish” which is to emphasize the importance of providing women with a healthy lifestyle and education, also their families. She is saying that if women are healthy and educated, their families will be successful. Hillary also expands on if women are free from violence, have a chance to work and are able to be equal partners in society their families will be successful. She also tells the world that if families flourish then the communities and nations will do so as
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