Women's Rights Argumentative Essay

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We all know that women didn 't have as many rights as men, and they still don 't. Women can now do more than they used to, but they still aren 't equal with men. They have had to fight for so many things like the right to vote and to be equal to men. The 19th amendment, the one that gave women the right to vote, brought us a big step closer. The Equal Rights Movement also gave us the chance to have as many rights as men. Women have always stayed home, cleaned the house, and didn 't even get an education. Men have always been superior, but women are getting closer and closer every step of the way. Before women started fighting, they were treated poorly compared to men. They were stuck at home and couldn 't do as much as men. All they could do was cook, clean, and take…show more content…
They held many meetings and conventions to discuss about how they were going to fight for their rights. "In July 1848, the Women’s Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls, N.Y. It was the opening salvo of the battle for women’s suffrage, although many years would pass before its proponents would finally achieve victory" ("Women 's Rights Convention"). This was one of the first steps in the road to freedom for women. They also had many supporters to make the United States of America pass the law for women to vote and have the rights men have. There were such big turn outs, like in the national women 's rights convention in Massachusetts. "More than 1000 attend the national women 's rights convention in Worcester, Mass. The convention is held annually through 1860" ("A Timeline of Women 's Rights"). There were some ups... "1869- First women suffrage law in the U.S. is passed in Wyoming-- one step closer to having rights" ("A Timeline of Women 's Rights"). ...And some downs"1875- The U.S. Supreme Court denies voting rights for women by refusing to extend 14th amendment protection to women" ("A Timeline of Women 's Rights"). This said that women couldn 't vote, that is, until the
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