Women's Rights During The Industrial Revolution

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Women’s Rights and Suffrage Women were not treated equal to men. When women started to work in the factories, during the Industrial Revolution, they began to think that if they are working with men then they should get the same rights as men. Women were working hard but were treated unfairly, they got less money than men, even though they worked harder in the factories as well as they still ran their households. They decided to start the Women’s Suffrage Act. Women were treated like property and got little to no respect.Women should be treated equal to men. There was a surge for jobs during The Industrial Revolution, so this meant women were starting to work in the factories with men. For some women it was hard to get jobs, others getting a job came easily. “The rich had more to give, but they didn’t, so the poor suffered a lot more.”(The Industrial Revolution: Communism, Socialism, and Women 's Suffrage). It was already hard for women, but if they were poor it was even harder for them to get a good…show more content…
Women wanted the Women’s Suffrage Act to be a permanent amendment in the constitution. They did not want anyone else to have to fight for their rights. “In January 1915 resolution to submit Women’s Suffrage Act to the state constitution to the voters was for the first time introduced in the legislative.”(History of Women Suffrage 1900-1920). Women were finally getting their rights that they deserve. “6 delegates were sent to meet at Parish House to attend the Alabama Equal Suffrage Association.” (History of Women Suffrage 1900-1920). Women were doing everything they could to get their rights and they did. Women were treated unfairly and had no rights. Women did everything they could to get their rights. They succeeded. They wanted rights so they fought for them. Today women still get less pay than men, they still have to run the household, carpools, and work. But we still have many rights that the government can not take away and are stronger than we ever

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