Women's Rights During Ww2

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In the mid nineteenth century, the women 's rights movement unified women on a number of issues that were considered fundamental rights. Women 's suffrage was one of the most controversial rights issue. The whole focus I will be talking about is “Which had a greater impact on women’s rights during WW2, the workplace or the military?” I will be covering two topics. What a woman 's role was in the workplace and how they were involved in the armed forces. Some may say that the world war 2 had not contributed to women 's rights, and others say it made a huge impact. But i 'm going to be talking about the positive impacts they have caused. I have found 2 sources that will help me support my research question. Source A is about Julia Catherine…show more content…
An article called “Women during World War II” explains the role women had during that time. During WWII, the need for women in the military was demanded by women’s organizations. The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) was the women 's United States Army. It was established in 1942 and it allowed women to enter the army legally. WAAC later became the WAC (Womens Army Corps) later in in 1942 which would let the women be part of the Army instead of serving with it. Women in the WACs worked as secretaries, clerks, and medics. The WACs were only supposed to be used during World War II, but shortages in staff in hospitals and offices caused the war department to request women to re-enlisted. “They became part of the regular army through the Women 's Armed Services…show more content…
Bellafaire called The Women’s Army Corps: A Commemoration of the World War II Service states that over 150,000 American women served in the Women 's Army Corps during World War II. Women part of the WAC were the first women to serve. Military leaders were facing a problem in supplying the material needed for the men. That 's when they realised that women could supply those resources. They were giving the opportunity to make a contribution to the war effort. “The whole purpose of the Women 's Army Corps was to allow women to aid the American war effort directly and individually.” The WAC was successful because of its mission was to aid the United States during war and they did just that. The war effort established a huge economic and social change that changed the role of women in American society. When the United states entered World war I, the US army refused to let women join the army officially. For women who were not nurses during the war, they were allowed to enlist in the Navy and Marine Corps. A small handful of women also served in the Coast Guard. The country needed and relied on their skills in order to pursue the war effort. When WW II came along, they didn 't second guess a woman 's ability and they were able to successfully participate in the war. Instead of asking/ telling these women they should step in, many joined in
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