Women's Rights In Canada

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Women fighting for their equality in society is still an issue in the western and non-western countries. This paper will explore women’s rights such as their employment and health rights in India and Canada as they are still very controversial issues today. India is known as a country with a patriarchal system, where inequality and gender issues of women are more frequently seen as opposed to Canada. Canada is known as a country with various types of people from several ethnic backgrounds and where equality is most commonly seen with a very few exceptions. “Urban India still faces the issue of women’s employment and reproductive rights, however, there are resources such as the ‘Action Aid’s Young Urban Women’ program to help support these poor…show more content…
Furthermore, today more than half of all women work outside the home. This can be only seen less in India as all women are considered less than men. In Canada, segregation, and low pay still exists in Canada as it does in India. In Canada, the idea that women belong at home in people’s mind causes these issues such as discrimination, and low pay in the labour force. Today women have one unpaid job at home, and one low-paid job in the labour force. Since people believe that women have always been responsible for work at home and in the labour force, they have always been paid less, both when their jobs are not the same as men, and when the work is exactly the same. According to the statistics by Historica Canada (), women earned 52.8% of what men earned in 1911, 58% in 1971 and 66% in 1996. This type of discrimination is commonly seen in India, however in India it is difficult for women to get occupations in certain main cities due to cultural and religious issues according to the article by Chatterjee…show more content…
This is very different to the women who live in Canada as they are very aware of their reproductive rights and conditions from a very young age. The cultural factors play a big role for young in India not being able to be aware of health and reproductive rights. Moreover, unmarried women are not able to access information on reproductive health, only married women are socially accepted to be aware of sexual knowledge, since marriage allows them officially accepted sex. Also, unmarried women portraying any interest in accessing such knowledge is considered as socially
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