Women's Rights In Kurdistan Essay

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Women Rights in Kurdistan
Paragraph 1:
Women in Kurdistan are regarded and men attempt to make everything less demanding for them. Islam, which is the main religion in Kurdistan, made men to admire their mothers and sisters in light of the fact that they are placed in the most outstanding positions, which makes people, look at women as a symbol of honor. Moreover, men are the defenders of their families due to Islam’s policy; however, under the name of protecting their families, men are trying to hide their wrongdoings in front of the community. Unfortunately, the community, itself accept this act, but this act of women will not help the community to improve even by holding women down and dismissing their rights as human beings. It is hard
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For instance, my mom raised me and my sister all by herself without anyone standing by her side. In addition, the government should do something to show women that they are able to do everything because sometimes those things that women can do, men are not capable of doing it, such as raising children alone. Furthermore, women’s rights are about being female than being equal with men. In Kurdistan, the laws says that women can do whatever men can. However, sometimes women do more work than men, but men do not let women to take high position jobs. For instance, Shirin Salih, who was a leader, they fired her from her job. That is why when women leave their jobs, they never want to do something else for…show more content…
Also, Kurdish community will not let divorced women to live alone because of the cultural thoughts of people. Moreover, Those women who run away from their husband's house could only go to the NGO’s shelters. In addition, the government always focuses on women instead of solving such a crime and trying to stop crimes before they start to happen by making commercials to show the bad effects of those crimes. For instance, commercial about genital
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