Women In The American Revolution

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The problem of women rights is a very enormous conflict in the world which is still existing today. American Revolution is also known as a Revolutionary War. During the time of American Revolution women does not have enough rights. Before the beginning of the American Revolution, ladies were perceived solely as associate degree appendage to their husbands and fathers, while not taking any half within the political lifetime of the country. On the birth of a girl, their father soon decide their husband that who is going to get married with his own daughter. Subsequently, when a women get married, she is completely dependant on his husband and also a women were expected to follow whatever their husband told them. The time of American revolution was very significant because it bring change socially. On the other hand, politically it did not bring a lot of changes during the time of revolutionary war. It was the first time in the history of American Revolution, when women get a chance to take a job of their husband since their husband went to the war. Women got most of the opportunities to show their active social stance and thus, supported their own country. After, the American Revolution, the women political rights remained the same. However, on the flip…show more content…
Before the revolution men think that women are nothing other than their property who were only also supposed to do housework and raise children. Men had been suspended from participation in public life for a while because they went to the war, which allow women to participate with a social activities for their own country. Subsequently, women work in a factories, support the American soldiers by providing them uniform, resources, and provisions. Moreover, some women fight with british so,they can boycott good taxed, which affected the course of the war. All of this shows that women started to get more
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