Women's Role In The Civil Rights Movement

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In the Civil Rights Movement we learned about how the African-Americans overcame racism and segregation to gain equal rights. Even though it was a long tough battle they eventually got what they had wanted. A similar event is also happening with women’s rights. Some women of America have gathered disturbing facts and would like to share them with the world to gain support for their cause. They would like male and female help to win this battle against what they believe is unfair or unequal. They also want men and women to be treated the same weather that be with pay or anything else. Some of the women and men of America think that it is about time that women and men truly get treated equally.

During the Civil Rights Movement the African-Americans fought for rights that should have been given to them at birth including equality. In the beginning it was a very peaceful protest with Martin Luther King Jr. as their leader. They would hold marches or sit-ins and not fight back when they were
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They want to be treated like strong, powerful human beings and carry on with their daily lives without having to endure comments about their body or appearance. They have a less aggressive approach that will gain your following, but they also have a more aggressive approach that will get you wondering about statistics and about why these statistics are even true. They also are fighting for rights that the Declaration of Independence says that every human should have. They have been waiting patiently for a long time and now they are becoming more and more aggressive with their delivery of information. They can not wait around forever and will not wait around forever. The women and men of America are asking for equal rights and not to be discriminated by gender because they are humans and deserve at least
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