Summary Of The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

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Thesis- Margaret Atwood criticizes what we all know and have, Women's Rights, but Atwood takes them away even the most important parts of all women, being able to own a house, or having a bank account, even being able to speak your mind. In The Handmaid's Tale everything was normal equal rights between women and men, and than all of a sudden women can’t own any property, bank accounts get shut down, you can't leave without permission, as well as getting cut from jobs. In the new government commanders wives have to wear blue, and the handmaids wear red, it keeps them apart from each other and as well as people knowing who's who. You could only say certain words, and some words are forbidden, “he’s said a forbidden word sterile” (p61). The wifes cant have babies so they bring in Handmaids to help. The handmaid's get trained at the Red Center to know what to do and how to do the things around the house, go…show more content…
That is there life now, they can’t speak out, cant have their own opinion, with no way out of this, your thoughts are your only safe place. Without equal rights or ownership of anything all of a sudden, ever women can think, they aren't good enough or what did i do wrong. Even the wife’s, who can say anything, may feel threatened and feel not good enough for the husband because they have to bring another woman into their home so the husbands can have intercourse with them, so they can have a child that she can’t provide for him. Offred ends up getting caught as unwoman because she married a caregiver. You are not aloud to be unwoman, they hang her wife and make surgical adjustments to Offred, she can still have kids tho. If someone is to reach out for help, read a book or even fight back they will be hanged, cut a finger off or a hand if its the second offence. No one is
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